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MATTE | top coat


MATTE | top coat

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I am MATTE - A velvety luxe finish.

I am the perfect top coat to any nail hue if you want a matte, sleek and urban luxe look to your nail hue. You can apply me to metallic, satin, and gloss nail hues and I will cange their appearance to a smooth velvet finish.  Formulated to be used with nail hues for a 2-3X longer lasting and chip resistant lifespan. Quick drying and sleek.

You only need to apply 1 coat of MATTE top coat and you are ready to go!  

formula: créme 
finish: matte
type: sheer
size: 15ml /.50oz


Please remember that all monitors, phones, and tablets render colors differently. We do our best to accurately depict our beautiful hues using color calibrated technology.  



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